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The choice of Labour protection glove

Choose Labour protection glove note Labour protection glove protection workers in production process of personal safety and health must be a defensive equipment, to reduce occupational hazards play an important role.
In the process of using gloves should pay attention to the following 10 points:
1. Gloves size should be appropriate, if gloves are too tight, restrict the flow of blood, easy to cause the fatigue, and do not comfortable. If too loose, use not flexible, and easy to fall off
2. Selected gloves have enough protective effect, this choose wire resistance to cut glove environment, cannot choose synthetic yarn resistance to cut gloves, etc. To ensure that its protective function, must be change regularly gloves. If more than life, have the potential to make hand or skin damage.
3. Always check for gloves, whether there is inspected the holes or damaged, abrasion place, especially fingers. For chemical protective gloves can use inflatable method for inspection.
4. Pay attention to the use of gloves occasions, if a deputy form in different places, it may greatly reduce the service life of gloves.
5. Use to pay attention to safety, don't will pollution gloves any lost put, avoid to cause harm to others. Temporary unused gloves should be put in a safe place.
6. Gather gloves must pay attention to the correct method, prevent gloves with the harmful material comes into contact with the skin and clothes, cause secondary pollution.
7. Had better not to share with others gloves, gloves because internal is a hotbed of bacterium and microbial, Shared gloves easy to cause the cross infection.
8. Wear gloves to wash hands before, gloves to wear in clean (sterile) hand, otherwise easy to bacterium. To remove gloves after wash hands, and wipe point hand cream to supplement the grease.
9. In wear gloves to cover before live wound, skin is to resist external environment damage of natural barriers, can prevent bacteria and chemical into.
10. Don't ignore any skin erythema or hurts, prevent the occurrence of dermatitis and other skin diseases. If hand appear dry, itchy, bubble, etc., to timely diagnosis and treatment the doctor.
11. Shake hands with someone or dance to take off the glove.
12. Gloves length selection principle is: the clothes sleeves shorter, choose the length of the gloves should be more long. If wear short-sleeved, sleeveless or strapless dress should wear long gloves.
13. White gloves and the same color with white gloves, such as ivory, cream-colored, beige, etc is the classic of gloves, can be in any suitable wear gloves occasions to wear.
14. Don't use black gloves tie-in white or light color clothes, but can be used to match black, dark or blue system clothes. In addition to white and black, other color gloves or should you dress color coordinated series.

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