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Labour protection glove use safety knowledge

1. several Labour protection glove function is introduced: leather gloves - friction; Special insulating gloves - burn. Resistance to cut gloves - cut; Shock gloves - equipment vibration excessive; Disposable gloves - isolated bacteria blood; Resistance to chemicals gloves - corrosion.
2. use note:
1) before operation to remove all may affect the safety of jewelry. Many workers in the work environment, which is blind to this point, such as ring: if the ring was rotating machine got stuck or when you walk quickly was fixed objects stuck, the fingers may be broken. If you think the ring will be from, please again carefully think about it. Have test show that breaking a common ring the tension for 1670 pounds. This shows that finger broken broken before the first ring is unlikely.
2) began to work before you confirm whether the machine have safety protection device: the machine safety protection device is used to protect operators, if ignored them, it would increase the risk of operation. Before operation to make sure the machine equipment safety device.
3) keep your hands clean. Don't ignore any possible damage. Understand dermatitis symptoms or other skin diseases. When necessary to seek immediate medical attention: as always keep hands clean to protect your hands. After contact with any chemicals to wash your hands immediately, and at meals, smoking and hands should be washed before making up, and liquid soap if inspection qualified products. If the hand signs have weather-shack, want to use protect wet protect skin to taste. If you have any damage, seek medical advice immediately. If you do not pay enough attention, slight illness also can become a serious illness.
4) without protective measures, both hands away from the operations of the unit.
5) examination gloves and other personal protective equipment, guarantee the place
6) understand relevant knowledge: how to use the right tools, how to correct operation, related of the hazardous chemical materials safety information, emergency response.
7) before with gloves should be clean hands, cloth glove and leather gloves need periodic cleaning or discard.
8) people who are allergic to rubber can not use rubber gloves.
9) once chemicals into the gloves, will bring more problems.
10) in high temperature, big power, strong vibration and too exciting chemical conditions, gloves may not remove protection.

Friends, hand value beyond challenge, never what is more effective than hand, more flexible invention. Protect our hands, all operation invention to put it into practical ability effective, the hand is our practical tools. The production and living as long as everyone (micro Po) pay attention to the prevention, can reduce hand injury.

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