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Six protective gloves use and the matters needing attention

In choosing a protective gloves, we will have the necessity to understand it. General protective gloves use and matters needing attention are the most practical, but also must understand that this to the protective gloves choice and use a lot of help.
1. Many kinds of protective gloves, should according to the protective function to choose. Should make clear above all the protected objects, and then choose carefully. Such as resistant to acid and alkali gloves, resistant to strong acid (alkali), a resistance to low concentration acid (alkali), resistance to organic solvent and chemical reagent also vary. So can't abuse, in order to avoid the accident.
2. Waterproof, acidproof alkali glove use carefully before examination, to observe the surface to see if there is any breakage, adopt simple method is to gloves in blowing, with the hand pinches socket mouth, observe whether gas leakage. If the gas leak is cannot use.
3. Rubber, plastic such protective gloves should be flush after using clean, dry, save avoid high temperature, and in the products and talcum powder to prevent adhesion.
4. Insulating gloves should be regularly test electric insulation performance, is not in conformity with the provisions can't use.
5. Contact strong oxidation acid such as nitric acid, chromium acid etc, for strong oxidation can cause product crisp, discoloration, early damage. High levels of strong oxidation acid can cause even loss, should pay attention to observe.
6. Latex industrial gloves is only applicable to weak acid, sulfuric acid concentration is not high and all kinds of salt, and may not contact with strong oxidation acid (nitric acid, etc.).

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