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The selection of labor protection articles principle, issue requirements, the correct method of use

1. Choose principle
(1) according to the national standards and trade standards or local standards selection.
(2) according to the production operation environment, and the intensity of labor and production post contact harmful factor existence form, nature, concentration (or strength) and protective equipment protective performance is chosen.
(3) to wear comfortable and convenient, do not affect work.
2. To unit of choose and employ persons the requirements of the issue
(1) according to the workplace occupational hazard factors and hazard degree, according to the state economic and trade commission in 2000 promulgated "labor protection articles equipped with standard (try out)" specified in the national work classification catalogue of typical kinds of labor protection articles equipped with standard for employees to provide free conforming to the provisions of the state protection product. In currency or other items shall be equipped with alternative to protect product.
(2) to point business unit or production enterprise purchase special labor protection articles. Guard product must have "three certificates", i.e., production license, product certification and safety JianDingZheng. Buy guard goods subject to this unit safety management department acceptance. According to guard the use of product requirements, before use the protective function necessary inspection.
(3) education practitioners, according to protect product use rules and protective requirements, do "three will" : will check protection product reliability; Will correct use protective product; Will the correct maintenance of the curing product, and conduct supervision and inspection.
(4) according to the product specification requirements, change in time, scrap expired and failure protection product.
(5) establish and improve the protection product purchase, check and acceptance, custody, issue, use, change, scrap management system and use the files, and earnestly implement the supervision and inspection and necessary.
3. labor protection articles correct usage
(1) before use first do appearance inspection, that supplies to harmful factor protection efficiency of the degree, appearance without defect or damage, the assembly is close, the start is flexible, etc.;
(2) in strict accordance with the operation instruction handbook "correct use of labor protection articles;
(3) in the performance is used only within the scope of protection articles, and may not ultralimit use; Without the country, shall not be used without the designated monitoring departments approved or after the examination can not reach the standard request products; Can't literally instead of, more can't shoddy.

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